Research Briefings

Deep dives into current neuroscience research relevant to key workplace practices. Briefings are delivered directly to your talent leadership team, in-house or virtually. Topics include performance management, breaking bias, rethinking learning, or creating a coaching culture. Learn more.

Keynotes / Workshops

Invite a NeuroLeadership Institute thought leader to deliver an interactive talk on current research and case studies around a central talent challenge. Presented onsite at your company or organization. Learn more.

Thinking Partnerships

We partner with your leadership team, with varying degrees of involvement, to develop brain-based strategies and processes for improving talent management and supporting organizational growth. Learn more.

Scalable Learning Solutions

Whether for hundreds to thousands of managers, these fully scalable, research-driven learning solutions help organizations transform performance, increase diversity and inclusion, lift engagement, and support behavior change organization-wide. Learn more.

Internal Coaching Systems

We scalably train your organization’s managers to master brain-based coaching engagements, elevating the quality and impact of their managerial interactions. Learn more.

Diversity & Inclusion Practice

Traditional bias training often yields poor returns on investment and fails to increase D&I. This is because simply educating people about bias does little to actually reduce it. Explore the underpinning biology of bias and learn a game-changing framework that uniquely mitigates bias—by removing it from processes, not people. Learn more.

Learning & Change Practice

A competitive advantage in today’s global economy requires proven, multipronged, and creative approaches to organizational learning. Our brain-based platforms result in “sticky” learning and change strategies for sustainable performance improvement. Learn more.

Develop Your Talent Philosophy

Reach executive alignment on your talent management philosophy. By surveying leaders in a guided, proven process, you’ll identify precise guidelines for talent management decisions, to create a consistent TM culture throughout your enterprise.  Learn more.